African Dresses for Women To Slay in 2022-Trybeinfo

African-American women are always conscious of the latest fashion trends in the fashion world because they love to dress in a unique way. So in this gallery, I’ll be showing you pictures of classy ladies rocking African dress styles in 2022. Some of the well-known African prints include Ankara Styles, Kitenge, Kente, Shweshwe, Owambe dress, and lots more will … Read more

30 Best Cute Nail Designs 2022: Coolest Nail Trends

Cute Nail Designs: These are the latest nail design trends that ladies can try out to make their nails look glamorous and attractive.  These nail designs also meet the latest 2021/2022 nail color trends for nail lovers, so be rest assured the nail ideas are top-notch designs. Scroll down and check out these beautiful nail … Read more

Top 30 des robes africaines tendances en 2022-Trybeinfo

Modèle de robe africaine en pagne: Voici notre nouvelle et belle collection de robes africaines que vous, mesdames, pouvez essayer cette semaine.  Ce sont de nouvelles façons de styliser l’un de vos imprimés africains pour se démarquer en toute occasion ou événement.  Ces images de vêtements africains montrent que nous sommes passés de la fabrication … Read more

30 Cute Emerald Green Nails Ideas 2022-Trybeinfo

Emerald Green nails: I really love looking unique and different at all times, especially in the fashion sense.  If you are in the same gang like me then you will definitely love these nail arts. These nail designs are spectacular and attractive nail art be it short, long, or acrylic. These pictures showcase the latest trends … Read more

25 Beautiful Ankara Jumpsuit Styles 2022-Trybeinfo

Hey, ladies welcome to trybeinfoblog. Today in our African gallery section we have compiled some new style ideas trending this season. As we all know that the Ankara fabric is unique, it looks good when sewn into this modern dress.  The Ankara jumpsuit is a one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached trousers or … Read more

Beautiful Hairstyles for Ladies 2022- Trybeinfo

hairstyles for ladies 2022

Hairstyles for Ladies 2022: As we continue to study fashion trends in 2022, we notice that ladies are constantly in search of the latest and new trends of braids to make them look unique and beautiful. We @ trybeinfo have compiled some of the finest braided hairstyles that ladies are plaiting in 2022 to satisfy our ladies demand for latest … Read more

Tenue Africaine Femme 2021/2022-African Dress for Ladies

Tenue africaine femme: Si vous cherchez une nouvelle robe africaine pour faire une déclaration audacieuse, découvrez ces superbes styles.  Ces tenues vous aideront à vous démarquer de la foule et à vous sentir en confiance dans n’importe quel événement. Alors que le style devient de plus en plus décontracté et axé sur le confort, la mode … Read more

20 Beautiful Shweshwe Dress 2022 for Ladies-Trybeinfo

For today, we will be dishing out collections of shweshwe dress designs for ladies. Bet you, ladies, you all gonna love this.  We have compiled different shweshwe styles that can perfectly fit any lady irrespective of their body size.     Shweshwe dresses are perfect African dresses worn mostly by South Africans and other African-Americans.  … Read more

25 Glamorous African Dress for Special Occasion-Trybeinfo

This is the perfect post for you if you are looking for African dress ideas for your next special occasion.  As we all know in 2022 that African styles and designs have been causing buss online, I don’t see why you should not have more than one in your wardrobe. In this post, we have … Read more