20 Trending Jayda Wayda Braids To Try in 2023

Jayda Wayda Braids: We have been receiving demands from our viewers that Jayday Wayda braids hairstyles are the latest trends with braided hairstyles this season

We have taken our time to compile different pictures of this braid and a step to step process on how to do Jayda Wayda braids.



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What are Jayda Wayda Braids?

Jayda braids, also known as “Jumbo Knotless Box Braids,” were popularized by Jayda Cheaves, a prominent social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

With their chunky, knotless appearance, Jayda braids offer a fresh twist on classic box braids. They are usually five knotless braids with curly ends and beads.

Inspired by traditional African braiding techniques, Jayda braids fuse cultural heritage with contemporary fashion, making them a perfect choice for individuals seeking a statement-making hairstyle

How to do Jayda Wayda Braids ( Step- by Step Process)

1. Start by washing, conditioning, and detangling your hair. Then, blow dry it or stretch it with a banding method to make it easier to braid.

2. Part your hair into five equal sections: two on each side and one in the middle. Secure each section with a rubber band or a clip.

3. Choose the braiding hair you want to use. You can use any colour or length, but for the Jayda Wayda look, you might want to use Freetress Pre-Stretched 3in1 Braiding hair in 28in or longer, in a colour that matches or contrasts your natural hair.

4. Apply some beeswax or edge control to the roots of your natural hair to smooth them out and prevent flyaways.

5. Take a small piece of braiding hair and attach it to your natural hair with a knotless method.

This means you start by braiding your natural hair for a few stitches, then add the braiding hair under your natural hair and continue braiding normally. 

Don’t know how to do Knotless braids? This is a TUTORIAL

6. As you braid, gradually add more pieces of braiding hair to make the braid thicker and longer. You can also use some Got2B Glue Spray to keep the braids neat and sleek.

7. When you reach the end of the braid, secure it with a rubber band or a knot.

Then, use a rod curler to curl the ends of the braid. You can dip the ends in hot water to set the curls, but be careful not to burn yourself or your hair.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the rest of the sections, making sure the braids are even and symmetrical.

To finish the look, add some beads to the ends of the braids or along the length of the braids. 

Lastly, style your baby’s hair with some edge control and a brush or a toothbrush. You can create some swirls, waves, or curls on your forehead, temples, and nape.

And that’s it! You have successfully done Jayda Wayda braids!

I’ve gathered trendy Jayda braiding style ideas that you will surely love. Scroll down and check it out.

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Jayda wayda inspired braids

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Jayda Wayda Braids Tutorial

This video explains step by step how to achieve this braid. So, watch and enjoy!!