immigration to canada as electronics engineer in 2023

If you’re looking to Immigrate to Canada as an Electronics Engineer you’re in luck!

Electronics Engineers are in demand right across Canada and you may be able to secure a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa either with or without a job offer.


No doubt you will have read online that having a job offer to move to Canada is a prerequisite to accessing the Express Entry process but as an Electronics Engineer, you also have other options to secure your Canada Visa from the start.

Several professionals are moving to Canada and engineers are one of them. The rising infrastructure has led to an increase in the demand for engineers.


It is one of the most demanded professionals in Canada. No matter what field their engineering degree is whether they are software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers etc. they all are in demand.

Job Requirement for Immigration to Canada as an Electronic Engineer

He or she must be versed in all or one of the following;

Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of electrical generation and distribution networks, electrical machinery and components and electronic communications, instrumentation and control systems, equipment, and components

Prepare material cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications for electrical and electronic systems and equipment

Design electrical and electronic circuits, components, systems and equipment

Conduct micro or nanodevices simulations, characterization, process modelling and integration in the development of new electronic devices and products

Supervise and inspect the installation, modification, testing and operation of electrical and electronic systems and equipment

Develop maintenance and operating standards for electrical and electronic systems and equipment

Investigate electrical or electronic failures

Prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders for construction or maintenance

Supervise technicians, technologists, programmers, analysts and other engineers.

immigration to canada as electronics engineer in 2023

General Requirements for Immigrating as an electronic engineer to Canada

You must fulfil the basic requirements of age, work experience, education, proof of funds, language proficiency, and ability to adapt to the country.

Age: you must be between 18 and 35 to be eligible for Canadian immigration. Work experience: you must have several years of work experience as an engineer in your country of residence before applying to immigrate to Canada.

Education: you must meet the educational condition mentioned in the requirements to immigrate to Canada as an electrical engineer.

Proof of fund: you must have at least 10 000 CAD as proof of fund to enable you to take care of your basic needs while you work towards settling down and getting a good job.

Language proficiency: you should be able to prove that you can speak either the English or French language fluently. Therefore, you must write any required examples, including IELTS, TOEFL, TEF, etc.

Specific Requirements for Immigrating as an electronic engineer to Canada

This occupation requires a master’s or bachelor’s degree. A minimum of five years of experience can replace the requirement of formal qualification whereas in some cases work experience may need along with the formal qualification

Ways/Avenue to Immigrate to Canada as an Electrical/Electronics Engineer

Here are some avenues you can use to Immigrate to Canada as an Electrical/ Electronic engineer and their respective requirements.

– Express Entry System

This program allows you to Immigrate by using their online platform where you will fill all the necessary requirements and documents, using this way to Immigrate does not require you to have a job offer.

Provincial Nomination Program

The provincial nomination program helps the Canadian provinces to meet worker shortages and the economic needs of each province.

Though the provincial nomination program makes its selection through the express entry program the governor will have to approve your application before a province selects you.

Best Location for Employment for an Electronics Engineer in Canada

Most Canadian cities offer employment opportunities in the engineering sector and the demand for each occupation varies from one province to the other.

However, the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan offer a real concentration of employment opportunities, especially in the construction, mining and energy sectors. Northern Ontario offers as well opportunities in the mining sector.


The Electrical Engineers’ Immigration Procedure is a difficult and complex process. Thus it is required to approach the immigration consultant for this.

The immigration consultant is an expert had complete knowledge of the immigration process of every country. They help people in migrating from one country to another.

Immigration consultant has specific as well as updated knowledge of the country’s immigration process, laws, rules and regulation.

There are different immigration consultants for engineers providing efficient and effective services to people. No matter where you live you will always find a suitable immigration consultant in your place.

You might require to search a lot for an ideal immigration expert for Electrical Engineers’ Immigration Procedures.

Many immigration consultants also provide online services. Immigration consultant provides their services for almost every country and helps people at every step from selecting an appropriate visa category according to their qualification to filling out application form.


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