Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2024: How to Apply

Interested in opportunities that help with post-secondary tuition? The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2024 could be just what you need.

Named after Alberta’s first Premier and passionate education advocate, this scholarship offers up to $2,500 to high-achieving students enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies in Alberta.


Eager to make your mark academically and lessen the financial load? Understanding the eligibility requirements, application process, and details about the scholarship will set you on the path to potentially securing this significant educational fund.

Key Takeaways

  • The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship grants up to $2,500 for academic achievement.
  • Eligibility hinges on residency, high school marks, and enrollment in post-secondary education.
  • The application process involves submission of official transcripts and other documentation.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Are you eyeing the prestigious Alexander Rutherford Scholarship for 2024? If you’re an Alberta high school student with sights set on undergraduate studies, understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial.


Let’s break down the specifics so you can assess whether you’re on track to meet the requirements and make your application shine.

Residency and Citizenship

  • Alberta Resident: You must be an Alberta resident for at least one year before applying.
  • Citizenship Status: Applicants must be either a Canadian Citizen, a Permanent Resident of Canada, or a Protected Person as per Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Educational Criteria

  • Current Status: You should be a high school student planning to enroll or already enrolled in full-time post-secondary or an apprenticeship program.
  • Grade Level: The scholarship is open to students in Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12, acknowledging academic achievement at each of these levels.

Academic Performance

  • Grades: Your academic performance matters—a lot! You’ll need a minimum average grade, which is determined by the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship requirements, in specific courses at the Grade 10, 11, and 12 levels.
  • Course Load: Ensure your high school course load meets the criteria set forth, as only certain courses will qualify you for this scholarship.

Remember, the devil is in the details, so it’s vital to check the specific course and grade requirements to keep your application on track!


Application Process

Are you aiming to grab the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship this year? Perfect, this practical guide is meant just for you! We’ll walk through the where, how, and when of applying, with a no-nonsense approach.

Think of this as your roadmap to potentially securing up to $2,500 towards your educational aspirations through Alberta Student Aid. Prepared to get started? Let’s zero in on those critical first steps!

Where and How to Apply

Applying for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship has been streamlined for your convenience. You just need to hop onto the Alberta Student Aid website and follow their step-by-step process.

Making sure you’ve got your official Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement in hand, you’ll access the dedicated online portal tailored for the scholarship and fill out the application.

Required Documents

To toss your hat into the ring, you’ll need a few things first:

  • High School Transcript: Ensure your grades are up-to-date and ready for presentation. You will need to submit your Official Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement along with your application.
  • Proof of Enrollment: Part of the process involves demonstrating that you are enrolled full-time in post-secondary studies.

Submission Deadlines

Timing is key! Don’t wait until the last bell rings. Submit your application after your high school transcripts are available but before the application deadline.

The deadline specifics often get updated, so it’s always best to check back with the Alberta Student Aid for the most current dates. Pro tip: Set a reminder a few weeks in advance to get a head start.

Scholarship Details

Eager to learn more about the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship for 2024? You’ve come to the right place! This section will walk you through the key specifics, including how the awards are doled out, the ins and outs of the payment process, and what it takes to keep this financial boon term after term.

Get ready to arm yourself with essential knowledge that could help fund your academic pursuits!

Award Amounts

Did you know? The scholarship amounts can reach up to $2,500! Here’s how it breaks down according to your high school achievements:

  • Grade 10: Up to $300
  • Grade 11: Up to $500
  • Grade 12: Up to $700

You can earn these amounts for each grade, giving you the chance to stack them up for a hefty sum!

Payment Process

Once you’re deemed eligible and you’ve done your part by applying, how do you get your hands on the cash? Awards are typically sent out by cheque directly to your humble abode. That’s right, no need to check your account obsessively; a paper cheque is all the confirmation you need that your hard work has paid off.

Terms of Renewal

A burning question you might have is, “Can I get this scholarship again next year?” The deal with the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is that it’s a one-time reward recognizing your high school hustle. Unlike a Netflix subscription, this scholarship doesn’t renew.

So, make count each educational milestone while you’re in high school, as these earned awards are meant to light up your post-secondary journey just once. But don’t worry; Alberta is teeming with other scholarship options for your subsequent academic years. Keep that GPA shining!

Post-Award Information

After securing the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 2024, you’re probably curious about what comes next. How do you use the funds? What about paperwork and compliance? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the essential post-award details to help you smoothly transition into your full-time post-secondary studies.

Utilization of Funds

  • The scholarship awards up to $2,500; these funds are for your educational expenses at post-secondary institutions.
  • Scholarships are typically disbursed directly to your chosen Post-secondary Institution, such as the University of Alberta, to offset tuition, books, and other education-related costs.

Reporting Requirements

  • Stay Enrolled: Maintain your Full-Time Post-Secondary Studies enrollment status.
  • Keep Records: You may be asked to provide proof of enrollment and satisfactory academic progress. Keep all related documents handy.

Remember, you’re charting the course for your future. With this scholarship, your hard work is recognized, and now it’s time to shine in the next phase of your education journey!