30 Gorgeous Coi Leray Braid Hairstyles Ideas for Ladies

What’s not to love about this braid? From its unique look to its curly ends, protective hairstyles like coi Leray braids never seem to go out of season.


Coi Leray hairstyles are great styles for ladies. It looks great irrespective of its color, size, and length.

In this post we will be exploring varieties of coi Leray braids like;

short/ long coi Leray braids, coi Leray braids from the back, kids coi Leray braids, coi Leray braids with curls, coi Leray braids with natural hair, and a lot more.

Need hair inspiration for your next braids session? Get inspired by these pictures of cute coi Leray braids making waves this season.


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long coi leray braids

coi leray braids on natural hair

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coi leray braids from the back

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jumbo coi leray braids

small coi leray braids

kids coi leray braids

coi leray braids kids

How long does it take to do Coi Leray braids?

On average, it can take you anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to do coi Leray braids.

The amount of time it takes depends on your braiding skills, technique, and the style of box braids you want.

The longer and smaller in size you want your braids to be, the more time it will take to install.

How much do Coi Leray braids cost?

If you want to have coi Leray braids, then you should be looking at about $150 to $300 for the braids, plus the cost of several packs of pre-stretched braiding hair. 

This is not a general price for coi Leray braids because prices of hairstyles at hair salon are affected by factors like location and even the hairstylist.

How long do coi Leray braids last?

Coi Leray braids can last anywhere between two to eight weeks depending on which style you go for and how you take care of them.

How to maintain coi Leray braids hairstyles?

The best way to care for your coi leray hairstyle is to oil the braid and the scalp every day. This will keep your scalp hydrated.

Keep your hairstyle covered with a silk scarf when you sleep.

A silk head scarf is a gentle friction-free surface that protects your hair from tangles, frizz, and hair damage.

This will promote healthier and shinier hair. The silk scarf leads to less hair oil absorption into your pillowcase.

Avoid regular washing of your scalp to prevent nasty buildup. You can just do this:

Wash around the actual braid and shampoo them so that there is no frizz in the hair.

Last but not the least, use hair styling mousse as it gives your hair a fresh look.