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Canada has been positioned as the top country for movement on the planet, as indicated by the Anholt-Ipsos Country Brands Record of 2021.

People from all over the world come to Canada to seek a better life, political stability, career prospects, or the future of their children


These are 5 new and cost-saving ways to immigrate to Canada in 2022/2023:



NOTE: This work is for those that have an interest or an experience in babysitting, nannying, or parent helping.

The live-in caregiver program, in short LCP, is a program through which a Canadian citizen can employ a foreign national as a caretaker or nanny for his children in case there is no Canadian citizen or permanent resident available for the job.

Types of Home Care Provider Pilots

Currently, there are two Home Care Provider Pilots specifically catering to caregivers who wish to work in Canada.

Home Child Care Provider Pilot

Home Kid Care Suppliers are to help occupied guardians by caring for their youngsters and helping with day-to-day tasks like schoolwork, family obligations, and coaching.

This could mean the family will need you to live with them unless you have a family.

This is a five-year program and allows for not only the caregiver to move to Canada but allows their family to come with them as well.

Home Support Worker Provider Pilot

Home support worker providers are to assist senior citizens, those who have disabilities, and people who are going through rehabilitation.

Some of the duties will be feeding, cooking, bathing, changing, and administering medications.

This program is also a five-year program that will allow qualified caregivers to move to Canada with their families.


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