2024 Beautiful Passion Twist Hairstyles: New Hairstyle Trends

If you are in search of the perfect passion twist for your next hairdo, then you are in the right post.

Passion twist braid is one of the hairstyle trends that is currently on different social media platforms and on prestigious red carpet events.


We have seen prominent celebrities like Keke Palmer, and Taraji P rock this protective style effortlessly. The hairstyle promotes healthy hair growth by shielding your natural hair from harsh weather conditions.

Apart from its cute look, it is also a low-maintenance hairdo. If you are sourcing for unique hairstyles this season, then it’s high time you tried out passion twist hairstyles.

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Passion twist braids hairstyles 2022
Passion twist braids hairstyles 2022
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How to do passion twist braids hairstyles?

Care of the Passion Twist Hairstyle

  • The best way to care for your passion twist is to oil your passion twist and the scalp every day. This will keep your scalp hydrated.
  • Keep your passion twist hairstyle covered with a silk scarf when you sleep.
  • A silk head scarf is a gentle friction-free surface that protects your hair from tangles, frizz, and hair damage.
  • This will promote healthier and shinier hair. The silk scarf leads to less hair oil absorption into your pillowcase.
  • Avoid regular washing of your scalp to prevent nasty buildup. You can just do this:
  • Wash around the actual twists and shampoo them so that there is no frizz in the hair.
  • Last but not least, use hair styling mousse as it gives your hair a fresh look.

10 New Ways To Style Your Passion Twist Braids Hairstyles